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Which type of brake should I buy?

As you will soon find out, we sell several types of brakes here. If you are not sure, this information should help you make a decision. 

  • Premium Metallic -The “workhorse”. This brake pad provides long durability with low dust and no noise.
  • Premium Semi - Metallic:  Asbestos Free: Green! This economy brake pad provides excellent stopping quality with low dust at a competitive price.
  • Severe Duty   -  This Brake pad is excellent for heavy duty vehicles. Hi-Tec Severe Duty delivers the maximum stopping power for brake pads.
  • Ceramic Pad  - Ultra clean, Ultra quiet, Dust free with no metallic particles.

Check out this article on Wikipedia for more information!


©2019 - All rights reserved.

©2019 - All rights reserved.